Spa Services

Waggin’ Tails, located between Chelsea and Fulham, offers more than just cat or dog grooming. Whether your pet needs a quick Four Paw Pedicure, a coat trim or a place to stay for the day we offer a range of services to suit your needs.

Our most popular is the Full Spa Experience for dogs, which will leave your pet relaxed, gorgeous and smelling sweet. If you’re not sure what to go for, ask a member of staff, who’ll be happy to advise you.

We also have a vet nurse who can offer health checks, pet microchipping, animal first aid and advice in our relaxed environment.

And if you’re busy and your pet needs somewhere to stay for the day, try our doggy daycare or cat bed and breakfast. Leave your pet in our hands and you can go about your day safe in the knowledge that they’ll be cared for by our team of animal lovers who treat them like one of the family.



Aromatherapy Bath & Fluff Dry 

Prices by size of dog. Please contact us for a quote.

stylists carefully select from our aromatherapy shampoo range to find a shampoo
that will harmonise with your dogs skin and needs. We have a wide range of
shampoos to relax, unwind and calm your dog as well as soften their coats with
a special selection of detangling conditioners, to ensure the knots stay away
for a little bit longer. The fluff dry ensures your dog is style dried from
root to top using fine brushes and combs to separate each hair and make it look
full, thick and shiny. Your pet will be pampered and refreshed when they leave


Full Groom

Our Full
Groom Service is everything your pet’s heart desires. When you arrive at Waggin’
Tails, you will be met by your groomer who will consult with you and your pet
as to how you’d like to have them styled. Your dog will then start their
treatment with an aromatherapy bubble bath. This will help to ease any
anxieties they may have about grooming and clean them thoroughly. If your dog
is prone to suffering from knots or matts, they will be given a deep
conditioning treatment to help maintain their coat for longer between grooms.

their bath they’ll be fluff dried, ensuring to be brushed through. A dog always
looks and feels their best when they’ve been carefully brushed through and each
strand has been carefully separated and brushed to fluff it out.

Once dry
and combed through we will style your pet according to your wishes before being
finished off with a refreshing spritz of pet cologne.

clipping and ear plucking / cleaning is included in this service.


prices are determined by firstly by size of dog and secondly by coat type / maintenance.
Listed below are examples of our price classifications. If you would like a
quote for your pet please call or e-mail us and we will happily discuss this
with you.

You can
also call into our shop at any time with your dog and have a consultation with
the groomer.


Toy Breeds:

Teacup Yorkie, Mini Pomeranian, Chihuahua, Mini Daschund, Maltese etc.


Small Breeds:

EG: Shih
Tzu, Standard Yorkie, Westie, Cairn Terrier, Toy Poodle etc.


Medium Breeds:

Cocker Spaniel, Cavalier King Charles, Bichon Frise, Miniature Poodle, Cockerpoo


Large & Giant Breeds:

Labradoodles, St Bernard, German Shepherd, Bernese Mountain Dog, Alaskan
Malamute, Husky.


Dematting (Full Groom Add-on)

£30 per hour.

Long and
wool coated dogs are prone to getting knots in their coat and need a regular
brushing routine in-between their Full Groom. We understand with a busy
lifestyle, it can be difficult to achieve this as regularly as desired, and can
lead to matts building up in your dogs coat. A matt is an accumulation of
knots, debris and dirt that have formed into a clump of hair. Once this
happens, it makes it more difficult and time consuming for the groomer to brush
through the dogs coat, which increases the time of the groom. If the coat is
too densely matted, then the only option is to shave in under the matts, which
means taking the haircut close to the skin, which is not always desirable to
our clients.

We have a
new Zoom Groom Dematting Service available to our clients who have busy
schedules but want to be able to keep their dog at a longer length. Come to us
in-between your Full Groom and we will brush your dog out and keep them in top condition
so that when it comes to getting the haircut you want, we will be able to
achieve it with more ease and comfort to your dog. It will also be a cheaper
option that paying an additional dematting fee on top of your Full Groom price.
 It will also make the grooming
experience a happier one for your dog to come regularly for a brush out rather
than having to be fully dematted when groomed.


Matt Zapping Service

£15 per 30 minutes of brushing and dematting

A long
haired dog is prone to knots and tangles, and a busy lifestyle often makes it
difficult to get to that daily brushing routine. By availing of our Zoom Groom
Dematting session you can bring your dog to our grooming stylists in between
their full groom treatment for 5-30 minutes of brushing out and dematting.

ensures that when it’s time for you dog to have their full groom, that our
stylists can easily achieve the style you want for your pet without having to
clip the fur short because of a build-up of matts. This also makes grooming
more enjoyable for your dog and is more financially viable than paying for a
full dematting on top of your groom.

treatment does not
include bathing or drying, it’s purely to brush through your dogs coat between
grooming to keep them looking their absolute best.

If the matting is too severe, our stylists will recommend a full groom with dematting or a clip off. Our stylists will be happy to consult with you about what is needed.


Hand Stripping

(Additional cost to Full Groom Price. Please contact us for a quote.)

groomers are experienced in the art of hand stripping. This is where a wire
coated dog has their fur removed by hand as opposed to using electric clippers.
It is a specialised service and only certain groomers have the skill to perform
it. Hand stripping works by removing the top layer of hair known as ‘guard
hairs’ to reveal a softer undercoat. It is a more natural form of grooming for
these wire coated breeds of dog and in the long run, gives better condition and
shine to the dogs coat as it opens up the hair follicles.

Note: If
a dog has been clipped, it will not suit hand stripping as it will have changed
the texture of the fur. Also, some wire coated breeds may not have suitable fur
for hand stripping. Ask for a consultation with one of our professional
groomers to find out if hand stripping is suitable for your dog.

breeds: Border Terrier, Westie, Cairn Terrier, Norfolk Terrier, Wire Haried
Daschund, Some Cocker Spaniels, Some Cavaliers.

Ear cleaning / plucking 

£12 as a stand alone ‘drop in’ treatment. Included in Full Groom

A deep
cleansing gentle ear wash removes the waxy build up that naturally occurs in
your dog’s ears. Some breeds are prone to hair growing inside the ear canal.
It’s important to remove this to prevent a clogged build-up of wax, which can
lead to infection if not removed. Our grooming stylists will happily attend to
this ensuring your dogs ears are clean, hair free and healthy. They are also
happy to trim them up to keep them neat and tidy.


Nail Clipping

£7-£10 stand-alone treatment

Pop in
and see us at any time with your dog for a quick nail clip and paw pad trim to
keep your pet’s paws looking tidy and the nails at a comfortable length.

The price varies based on the temperament and amount of time it takes to cut the nails. 


Refreshing Spritz

Complimentary with any treatment

Our range
of colognes and spritz treatments will make your dog the envy of the park.
Designed to keep them fresher for longer and condition their skin and coat, you
can’t go wrong with a refreshing blend of the finest ingredients. 


Four Paw Pedicure 

£5 add on treatment*

luxurious combination of vanilla and milk thistles means your pet can soak
their aches away with our specially formulated paw soak treatment. Once the
pads have been soothed, the treatment completes with our relaxing paw balm
massage. This helps sooth cracked pads and protects your precious pet when
walking on hot or cold surfaces, which may cause damage to the pads over time.


Blueberry & Vanilla Facial Treatment

£5 add on treatment*

This ultra-mild and hydrating facial treatment soothes and balances the
delicate skin on your dogs’ face. It has natural exfoliating activity which is
great for any dog, particularly those with bears who get a lot of debris stuck
in them, as well as short nosed breeds such as Shih Tzu’s who may get a build
up around the eyes.

This product is especially popular for white dogs such as Bichons,
Maltese and Poodles to help keep faces and paws dazzling white with the natural
whitening formula.

  • Refreshing
    blend of oatmeal and blueberry
  • Effectively cleanses whilst
    removing dirt, beard and tear stains
  • Gentle
    enough that it can be used on the face and will not sting the eyes-
    'tearless' formula.
  • Great
    for all skin types and all ages of pets

*Add on treatments can be added to
Full Grooms or Bath & Fluff Dry Services. Both treatments are administered
when the dog is in the bath, so it isn’t possible to do them as a stand-alone
treatment as the pet will get bathed during this process. We appreciate your