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Become a Professional Dog Grooming Stylist
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Waggin' Tails Dog Grooming Courses in Chelsea, Central London.

Training as a dog groomer opens doors to many career opportunities in the pet industry. Not only is it a skill you can take anywhere around the world, but there’s great demand for qualified dog grooming professionals from pet shops, pet boutiques, grooming salons, animal shelters, and veterinarians.  Being a qualified dog groomer also allows you the tools to start your own business, whether brick and mortar or mobile. 

Waggin' Tails Grooming School offers a quality dog grooming course based in Chelsea, Central London. We have a team of skilled professionals trained to teach you how to get started with little or no experience. Our dog grooming course aims to provide each student with the necessary training to successfully enter into the any entry level dog grooming position.

Your course will be focused and detailed. Because of the importance of health and safety within the dog grooming environment and because of the intensity of learning, the course is designed to be one to one or at most, two to one ratio of student to tutor. The tutor's primary concern is to train competent and confident dog grooming stylists, and the best way to ensure that is to keep the numbers low and ensure the students get the best training and attention possible. 

At Waggin’ Tails Dog Grooming School we provide a series courses to fit your needs, based at our Chelsea, Central London location.


15 Day Professional Dog Grooming Training Course: 

£ 2,700 without Groomer Starter Kit

£3,050 to include Groomer Starter Kit
Duration: 3 weeks: Monday - Friday from 10.30am to 4.30pm

The 15-day course is tailored to train a student who is new to dog grooming in everything needed to embark on a career in professional dog grooming.

This extensive course covers everything a student need to know from when the dog walks into the salon, assessing the needs of the style, suitable shampoo, drying techniques and preparing the dog for styling, all the way through to styling and finishing the dog using a variety of techniques including scissoring, clipping and hand stripping.

As a student of The Waggin' Tails Training Academy, you will learn to groom dogs in a series of practical sessions in a busy salon in the heart of Chelsea, London. Learning professional techniques with the guidance of your tutor.

There will be theory sessions to back up all the practical information you are being taught in the grooming room. These are designed to reinforce the work you have been carrying out in the salon and to help you understand the process.

You will also learn how health check a dog, recognize any problems and carry out health and safety procedures within the dog grooming salon environment.

It is important that you, as the student, feels they are getting sufficient time and attention and learning to your full potential. This is why the Waggin’ Tails grooming course ensures that you will have this support by accepting no more than two students at a time. You can be guaranteed the support and teaching your need, and your tutor will always be there to help you every step of the way so that by the end of the course, you can confidently assess and plan a groom and carry out a style to breed standard or client request.

We are dedicated to ensuring that each student gets the best training possible. This means we don't train more than two students at a time to one tutor. This way the student has the full attention of their tutor and we ensure that you leave our course feeling confident and happy to embark on your grooming career.

Areas covered:

  • Assess and plan dog grooming work
  • Understanding Canine Body Language and Handling
  • Coat and Breed Types
  • Grooming Terminology
  • Health Checking a dog k
  • Bathing and identifying shampoo and skin types
  • Drying Techniques
  • Basic Canine Anatomy
  • Nail Clippings
  • Preparing the dog for styling
  • Styling dogs according to breed standard
  • Styling dogs according to client requests. (Pet Trims)
  • Caring for your grooming equipment
  • Welfare Practices in the workplace
  • Safe Working Practices
  • Identifying parasites and how to handle health issuess

This course has an optional Grooming Starter Kit which can be added on for a further cost of £350, which is cheaper than buying the items individually yourself. Any student wishing to purchase the kit will receive a personal starter kit consisting of professional grooming tools such as clippers, blades, brushes and scissors and learn the correct use of them throughout the course.

Students will receive a Waggin Tails certificate upon completion as well as a Course Manual and Student Workbook to keep notes of grooming work and photos of their grooms.
The Waggin Tails course tutor will advise you on enrolling in the upcoming City & Guilds exams and assessment work.

Waggin' Tails Student Alumni Support:

    Upon completion of the 16 day course, the student will be invited to join our Student Alumni Facebook page where you can chat with other students who have completed the course and are now working in the industry. You can also post photos of your grooms, ask questions to the course tutors for continued support and chat with your fellow alumni groomers

Ten Day Preparation Technician with Introduction to Styling Course: £ 2,000

Duration: 5 Days; Monday - Friday- 10.30am - 4.30pm

This course can include an add on Grooming Starter Kit for an additional fee. Please request for further details

The ten day course caters to those who want to work with dogs and learn the first phase of the grooming process; Bathing, drying and preparation for styling.
A well groomed dog starts with perfect washing and drying techniques. Different skin and coat types require different bathing and drying techniques which are dealt with in depth on this course. 
You will learn how to brush through dogs and fluff dry different coat types to perfection. The student will learn how to deal with knots and matted fur on long haired dogs and how best to try and prevent the dog from getting matted again. 
The student will learn the basics in clipping techniques such as clipping off a matted coat as well as ear plucking, cleansing, teeth cleaning and paw pad trimming. 
It’s important to understand the health and safety within the salon and carry out competent risk assessments of the areas you are working in, as well as be able to recognise any abnormalities on the dogs coming into the salon. With our adjoining vet clinic, you can be sure to get the best training possible at recognising health problems within the salon environment.

Tuition Includes: 

  • Wash & Fluff drying of various coat types
  • Understanding Coat Types
  • Understanding Breeds
  • Wash & Fluff drying of various coat types
  • The Matted Dog – Brushing techniques
  • Shampoo
  • Grooming Equipment
  • The importance of a well prepped dog
  • Introduction to styling techniques
  • Preparing dogs for styling
  • Nail Clipping
  • Ear Plucking
  • Correct dog Handling Techniques
  • Waggin' Tails Grooming School Courses

    Recognizing unfit animals, how to prevent injury and what to do if there is an injury is an important part of grooming and taken very seriously.
    You will be trained on the following by our certified veterinary nurse.

    • Preventing Illness and Injury
    • Restraint and Transportation
    • Shock
    • External Bleeding
    • Wounds and Infections
    • Poisons
    • Airway Obstruction
    • Administering Medications
    • Parasites
    • Eye and Ear Injuries
    • Injuries from heat and cold
    • Bone and Joint Injuries